Our Impact

Kristin Pease, Elementary English Teacher and co-founder of United Readers of America, began using the Structured Literacy for several of her students in January 2015. She was seeing such incredible growth, that in September she decided to use it for all of her classroom students, as well as one private tutor student. Using the U.R.A. Reader program, these students grew far more than expected over the 6-month period.



More growth than the average student

Grade Level Increase Graph reformat.JPG

Using structured literacy, the average student increased their scores by 0.89 grade levels compared to the 0.66 grade levels accomplished by an average student during the same time frame.



Reading benchmarks reached in 6 months

Reading Improvement Graph reformat.JPG

Students are expected to improve three to five benchmark levels within one year.  Mrs. Pease's students averaged more than six benchmark levels within six months. (Scores were measured by the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System.)



Higher increase in reading grade levels for students with risk factors

Risk Factor Graph reformat.JPG

Risk factors decrease a student’s ability to learn in a typical classroom by 10% per risk factor. Of the three main risk factors for reading failure (ESL, poverty, and dyslexia), seven students had one risk factor, five had two risk factors, and two had three risk factors. In a typical classroom, these students would be expected to grow less than the average student. However, when these students were taught using the U.R.A. Reader program, their growth over a 6-month period was much higher.